Dorothy  Dorothy Hayworth Hayworth 

Farrah sofa


230 cm | 90.6”


100 cm | 39.4”


90 cm | 35.4”

Seat Height

45 cm | 17.7”






Golden piping, polished brass nails

Farrah Fawcett was a Hollywood charming blondie, from Texas, whose career was catapulted by a beauty contest back when she was attending college. Once in Los Angeles, she started to be invited for commercials and TV series and, later on, she made her first movie appearance in “Un homme qui me plaît”. Nominee of twenty-three awards and winner of ten, Fawcett was America’s beloved actress, pursued by fans, paparazzi and even celebrities that wished to co-star with her. This beautiful woman was like a true pearl, as is the Farrah Mid-Century Modern Sofa for Ottiu’s designers. Inspired by Fawcett, Ottiu came up with this shell-like piece, upholstered in velvet with a golden piping, that will reveal the Farrah Mid-Century Modern Sofa shiny and breathtaking aura in your living room.

Ottiu offers you all the key elements to create your own retreat at your interior design projects. Glad to be part of exquisite and deluxe interior design projects, you can discover them at Projects.

Each piece tells you a story about Hollywood’s grandeur, and Ottiu shares its design at trade shows all around the world.

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