Versace x Sasha Bikoff : The Collaboration

Versace x Sasha Bikoff combined their world to put together an exhibition that marked this year. Versace Home presented in April their collection at the Fuorisalone 2019.

A combination of colors, a ressurrection of the archives is what fulfilled the Versace palazzo in Milan.

Versace x Sasha Bikoff x Andy Dixon

Gianni Versace founded the brand honoring his family name in 1978 in Milan. It is a representation of the Italian luxury recognized worldwide.

The Medusa logo brand goes from haute couture, prèt-à-porter, accessories, jewelry, watches, eyewear and, fragrances. Furthermore, since 1992, they also have home furnishings products.

Versace x Sasha Bikoff Home Collection
Versace x Sasha Bikoff

Bikoff’s relatives, wearers of Versace, influenced her a lot. She’s familiar with the brand from her childhood. She declared that the first time she felt like a woman was wearing the Italian Brand.

Her inspirations were the 18th century French Rococo, the 1960s Space Age, the 1970s French Modernism and the 1980s Memphis Group.

Versace x Sasha Bikoff

Sasha Bikoff presents a colorful collection which embody the Versace house’s codes leaving in with her signature.

Besides, Andy Dixon helped Gianni’s sister, the also known for her kaleidoscopic staircase.

Versace x Sasha Bikoff x Andy Dixon
Versace x Sasha Bikoff x Andy Dixon

In fact, Dixon known for his music and his expertise in art of all the times, collaborated with Donatella’s team to make his input to the exhibition.

First, the Canadian artist reproduced the iconic Versace print into new varieties. Then, they printed it on an over-scale shirt which was displayed along with the collection.

dinner set by Versace and Sasha Bikoff

As a result, Versace x Sasha Bikoff features maximalism, aesthetic, colors, neon and Miami among others all in one place. Also, we can see traits of both of the protagonists’ cultures.

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