The ”No Rules” French Interior Design

Today we are here to share the chic and elegant way that French people decorate their homes effortlessly. The French interior design mixes causality with elegance in a monarchical style. That’s why we bring in this article our favorite French interior design inspirations and their main features!

Get inspired and master this elegant look in your home!

French Interior Design-Ottiu

Inspired By History

As much of the French architecture is preserved, there are several interior projects that are executed in buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries in the heart of Paris, which translates into a lot of history!


Each apartment has its own identity and specific charm that must be respected. Therefore, a good French interior design must bring together the iconic character and elegance of the space. Without abandoning practical and functional sophistication.

French Interior Design-Ottiu
French Interior Design-Ottiu

For example, many French apartments have elaborate ceiling moldings. In this case, to create a French interior design, it would be ideal to avoid adding any recessed lighting to maintain character. And instead, opt for dramatic floor lamps.

Opt For Anti-Decoration

Adopting an eclectic approach is the key. As difficult as this can be, it is possible to compose an environment with pieces that usually shouldn’t go together in the first place, creating atypical juxtapositions.


In French Interior Design Nothing Can Be Too Organized And Stable.

French Interior Design-Ottiu

This eclectic composition can be done in different ways. Through decorative accessories such as portraits ranging from the 16th century to the 1960s. Or a leather rug and a vintage armchair.

French Effortless Style

As disheveled as they are elegant, French interiors are never too select or perfect.

One of the best known rules for French interior design is: don’t try too hard! The French adopt the same laissez-faire attitude to interiors as they do to their style.

Keeping it simple, with a mix of vintage and new, allows the memories and treasures brought back from travel to shape the space, rather than sticking to a specific interior style.

French Interior Design-Ottiu

Art, books and plants can organically create a beloved and livable space.

No Neutral Colors

While the French have an affinity for sleek all-white interiors, color is how they manage to bridge the gap between old and new. The rule is… there are no rules. They like to mix colors, time periods and any design style that concerns them – and what could be more French than that?


The mix of furniture from the 50s with contemporary pieces, is made through strong and complementary colors that give uniformity to the set.

French Interior Design-Ottiu

Vibrant Colors Color Connect Styles

Therefore, it is possible to find in French interior design different designs united into one. Scandinavian design, with vintage pieces and elegant French styling create an exclusive environment designed for luxury.

Timeless Trends

Trends can come and go – in politics, fashion, food, decor, etc. – but the foundations of life are reliable, rooted as deeply as an ancient oak

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même choose”: The more things change, goes the old French saying, the more they stay the same.

So, keeping what was a trend in the past is always a way to wait for the new trend. Because trends are cyclical. It is therefore very common in French design that an imposing house from the late 18th century, which has obviously changed over time. Have the contribution of each generation to the modernization of the house. But its essence remains the same as always.

French Interior Design-Ottiu

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