Kelly Dining Chair  Kelly Dining Chair Kim Dining Chair Kim Dining Chair 

Kelly twin seat


136 cm | 53.5”


78 cm | 30.7”


56 cm | 22”

Seat Height

46 cm | 18.1”


Pinewood, Polished brass legs


Cotton velvet


Polished brass accents, Polished brass nails

The interminably glamorous Grace Kelly once said “I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds and who was a kind and loving person”. So, to honor her and make her wish come true, Ottiu came up with a feminine and romantic family to where the Kelly Modern Twin Seat belongs. Combining a glossy black structure and smooth velvet, the Kelly Modern Twin Seat will be the masterpiece of your home décor or even of your hotel project.

Ottiu offers you all the key elements to create your own retreat at your interior design projects. Glad to be part of exquisite and deluxe interior design projects, you can discover them at Projects.

Each piece tells you a story about Hollywood’s grandeur, and Ottiu shares its design at trade shows all around the world.

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