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Shirley dining chair


59 cm | 23.2”


80 cm | 31.5”


60 cm | 23.6”

Seat Height

47 cm | 18.5”


Walnut wood, Lacquered legs with high gloss varnish


Twill, Cotton velvet


Polished brass accents

For much of the decade, Shirley Temple was one of the Hollywood’s greatest box-office attractions. With her spirited singing and dancing, Shirley and her optimistic films provided a very welcome escape from difficult times. So inspired by the Hollywood star Shirley, Ottiu designers conceived the Shirley Dining Chair.
Decorating a dining room with deluxe dining chairs is not only a symbol of elegance but also of class. Upholstered in cotton velvet and featuring lacquered walnut wood legs, the mid-century modern Shirley Dining Chair will set your dining table with style.

Ottiu offers you all the key elements to create your own retreat at your interior design projects. Glad to be part of exquisite and deluxe interior design projects, you can discover them at Projects.

Each piece tells you a story about Hollywood’s grandeur, and Ottiu shares its design at trade shows all around the world.

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