Charisse  Charisse Nancy Nancy 

Peggy armchair


115 cm | 45.3”


78 cm | 30.7”


93 cm | 36.6”

Seat Height

45cm | 17.7”


walnut wood


Cotton velvet

Professionally most known as Peggy Lee, Norma Egstrom had a successful six decades career, as a talented jazz and popular singer, songwriter and also actress. Peggy’s vocal style provided a distinctive imprint to countless swing tunes, ballads, and big band numbers.
So taking Inspiration of such talented performance and artist, Ottiu designers conceived the dreamy curved Peggy armchair.
All upholstered in a trendy cotton velvet, structured in walnut wood featuring oak feet, the modern midcentury-flavored Peggy Armchair embodies the Hollywood Golden Era sophistication with a comfy design. The Curved Peggy Armchair brings a deluxe, welcoming vibe to any living room décor.

Ottiu offers you all the key elements to create your own retreat at your interior design projects. Glad to be part of exquisite and deluxe interior design projects, you can discover them at Projects.

Each piece tells you a story about Hollywood’s grandeur, and Ottiu shares its design at trade shows all around the world.

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