Nanan Patisserie: Pink Interior Design Trend

NANAN Patisserie in Wroclaw, Poland was designed by Polish designers BUCK.STUDIO.

This place is the perfect spot for conversation and to taste the patisserie’s macarons, cakes and famous éclairs.

In fact, it is said that these pastries were the inspiration for NANAN’s design. We can see that in the curved furniture and in the millenial pink velvet walls. Also, the mirrors and light fixtures are some of the most glamorous accents of this feminine and fashionable place. 


This bespoke and intagrammable design will inspire everyone, from the person just looking for the amazing taste of these pastries to the influencer looking for the perfect scenario for her next photoshoot. Also, if you want to spill the tea with your girlfriends you just found the perfect place.

As matter of fact, Nanan means sweetmeats in French and sweets play the leading role in this signature design of a modern Pink patisserie.


Regarding this glamorous place, we rounded up a selection of pink upholstery furniture pieces and also of pink luxury lighting fixtures.

Scroll below to discover these exquisite mid-century modern decorative accents.


Nanan Patesserie Pink Inspirations Decor




Helsinki III Suspension Lamp by Creativemary

The scandinavian style inspired Creativemary to created this Suspension Lamp. Notably, this piece converts the old and celebrates the new.






Jayne Mid-Century Modern Armchair by Ottiu

Firstly, this piece is upholstered in velvet with a pinewood structured supported by a brushed brass base. In other words, this mid-century modern armchair blends comfort with elegant curved lines. The Jayne Mid-Century Modern Armchair will be the ultimate eye-catching of your décor.

Nanan Patesserie Pink Inspirations Decor
Nanan Patesserie Pink Inspirations Decor



Charisse Mid-Century Modern Armchair by Ottiu

This glamorous armchair features layers upholstered in luxurious velvet in different colors, supported by a swivel round base in polished brass. Certainly, this piece will summon the glamorous Hollywood golden era to your interior design décor.



Salamanca Suspension Lamp by Creativemary

Inspired by the Barrio of Salamanca, Madrid, Creativemary designers have created this Suspension Lamp. Furthermore, with a bourgeois vibe and cosmopolitan flair that will give the perfect mood lighting for every moment.

Nanan Patesserie Pink Inspirations Decor

Dorothy Mid-Century Modern Sofa by Ottiu

Above all, a touch of cotton velvet is added to its feminine contour, pinewood frame and luxurious polished brass legs. As a result of a profound and luscious piece with a gentle nature, this sofa is an imposing piece perfect for your modern home décor.




Finally, swipe right to discover some pink ambiances by Malabar, Ottiu, and Creativemary.


What’s your opinion about this trend pink color? Have you felt in love by any of these luxury pieces? Let us know! On the whole, if you want to keep inspired by design trends and décor ideas stay tuned to our blog.


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