Café Thomas: Street Art Meets Baroque

Street art meets Baroque as Japan meets Jamaica. This fine mixture is where you have to visit if you ever go to Eindhoven. It’s the Café Thomas.

surreal perception at Cafe Thomas
Cafe Thomas




The Café Thomas with now more than 20 years of existence has always been a meeting in the city of Eindhoven. First, for the wealthy men then for large audience. Last year, they have restored the place and let me tell you something. WHAT A RESTORATION !



Van Boxtel, the owner made appeal to the Studio Giftig for the work. Niels van Swaemen and Káspar van Leek are the artists behind the “Surreal Perception” as it’s entitled. Both dutch artists have been working together since 2007 creating (sur)realistic murals.



studio giftig

The room’s main color is pink. We can find all shade of pink that are fulfilled with some portraits in black&white. A monkey wearing a crown flying a bird, a hand holding a leaf, a woman, an old man that’s what we can see.

surreal perception at Cafe Thomas
surreal perception at Cafe Thomas

The architect Marco Van de Brandt  wanted to do something different that he had done in Van Boxtel’s other places. He bet on a light color and simple interior décor. Thomas’ interior consists of round shapes and elegant seats. The sofas, chairs and bar stools are covered with soft fabrics. The mosaics are black and white and the bar is all white.

Café Thomas
Thomas food
Thomas food


The menu presents a mix of two island countries, Jamaica and Japan offering dishes to share or not with whomever you go with. If you’re in a mood for the Caribbean food you can opt for the Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Alternatively, the Flamed Sake would be a choice if you feel more eating Asiatic food. Veggie and Latino food are also on the menu. Undoubtedly, there’s a variety of choice. Besides, a selection of cocktails and wine is also available to accompany you through your meals.


Thomas food

Not only it is a place where you can eat, drink and admire these murals, but also where you can dance. Yes ! For those of you who didn’t know, Thomas is also a night club where you can take your foots off the floor. Definitely, it’s the place to go enjoy an atypical meal and get to the dance floor without going far.

Nightlife at Café Thomas
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